Here are some reviews from my clients, all are 5 stars and all can be viewed on google

Reiss Sadler

I was recommended Emma by a friend to help me with a fear of hospitals which had originated from a traumatic experience earlier on in my life. This was particularly important as my partner and I were planning to have a baby, and I wanted to be there to support my partner throughout. Emma was really welcoming and easy to get along with, setting out the process and what to expect. After only a few sessions, I felt so much better about my fear, and after only around half a dozen I felt completely over my fear. Since my sessions with Emma, my partner and I have had a baby and I was able to support her in the lead up and throughout the labour process, which was unthinkable before I spoke to Emma. Emma has changed my life and I can’t recommend her enough, she is a magician!


I'm so glad I went to see Emma. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the point I met her. She is so warm and personable and easy to talk to. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the plates I was spinning and Emma really helped me get back on track with my life. I lost weight, started running, changed careers and made such positive life changes. It didn't happen immediately - I think i was initially expecting a magic fix overnight. It was a journey that took time, but sticks. I learned to focus and build on the positives in my life. A brilliant therapy - thank you Emma :).


I went to Emma with a fear of heights which was impacting on my life quite heavily as I live in the Malvern Hills Area.At the time I found it very difficult to even climb the smallest of hills without feeling dizzy and anxious. After 4 sessions this has completely changed and last Sunday I actually completed a marathon walking across the Malvern Hills. Next step trying to get on an aeroplane. Thank you so much Emma.I would recommend it to anyone with fears or anxieties about something


Wow - where do I start? After struggling with an irrational fear of driving on the motorway for 3 years, I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. I had previously had it for exam anxiety so I knew how it worked.

I found Emma online and from the moment I first emailed her she was amazing. When I first met her she made me feel comfortable at at ease and is genuinely the most lovely person I have had the pleasure of metting and so easy to talk to.

After just 4 sessions Emma has helped me not only conquer my fear of motorway driving but also with aspects of my day to day life which even includes spending less time on my phone and managing work stresses.

After my last session I got on the motorway to travel back home (it was just coincidence that this happened to be on the day of my last session!). I managed to drive the whole journey safely and without panicking the whole way, I was happy and confident driving down the motorway - it was like a miracle had happened! I didn't do any of the obsessive things the night before or on the day that I was constantly doing before, instead I was calm and it just felt normal - for once!!!

I am so so grateful for all Emma has done for me and I would recommend her to anybody in a flash. Hypnotherapy is such a simple solution to many problems and should be a first option for people - please if your thinking of trying it out DO! Because it is just amazing and will change your life! Thank you so so much Emma, I will miss our weekly chats! Motorway, what motorway?!


If i could give 10 stars i would. I had thought about Hypnotherapy for a while and after having failed attempts at other methods i decided to give it a try to hopefully help me in my quest to stop my 40yr smoking habit. Immediately connected with Emma who was very welcoming and provided a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere. I had a cigarette before i attended my first session, came home and threw all my cigarettes etc in to the bin. Had three sessions in total but didn't have a smoke after just one session. I am now 4wks post smoking and over the moon. No cravings or feeling tempted at all. Don't ask me how this works but it does. My GP was very interested and i am sure she will be suggesting Emma to others who find themselves looking for a successful method of stopping smoking.


I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had met this lady. I suffer with anxiety and have a major fear of flying. My first consultation with Emma was fantastic, we got to know each other and she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Once we had our consultation, Emma got me on the bed and put me in to a trance instantly. Straight afterwards, I felt so relaxed and like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.


Emma helped me with my fear of mice made a big difference to my life
Thank you


Hypnotherapy was something completely new to me and Emma Brookes was fantastic! Made me feel very welcome and was able to be open about what I needed help with! It became a highlight of my week being able to talk about my struggles and finding solutions to them, whilst having an incredibly relaxing hypnosis at the end of each session! My confidence in myself grew so much through hypnotherapy and I have been able to do so much that I would have struggled to do a few months ago. I am now much happier and am more calm and collected, having received so many techniques to help ground myself and reduce my anxiety. I'm off to uni soon and I am in a place now where I can actually look forward to it and I know I will be able to deal with all obstacles on that path.


Absolutely brilliant experience of hypnotherapy with Emma. Not tried hypnotherapy in the past and was extremely sceptical and apprehensive, not really knowing what to expect. Was welcomed to the introductory session with a very warm and hospitable welcome and felt at ease as soon as I stepped into the session.

After trying lots of different therapies for anxiety and self-confidence, my battle continued and led me to the path of hypnotherapy. Like all things, it’s not eradicated anxiety but it has given me a positive way to help me understand and manage how I cope in situations that present me with stress and worry.

Emma has a vibrant and bubbly personality, which you can’t help but respond to positively and her calm and thoughtful approach to the sessions leaves you walking away feeling, this is good. Life is good.

I found hypnotherapy to be effective more in the long-term and not a “quick fix” and still use techniques adopted from my sessions with Emma. Once you begin to allow yourself to relax and embrace with the vision of hypnotherapy then you soon begin to adopt the benefits and fruits of this form of alternative therapy.

Thank you Emma for your patience, understanding and friendship.

Definitely give it a try!!!


I suffer with alcohol dependency and anxiety. Emma has helped me to completely transform my life. Since having hypnotherapy I have not had a drink in over four months now and I cannot rate Emma highly enough. Even after one session you will notice a difference. Thank you Emma.


I'm so very grateful to Emma for helping me get out of a hole..
I came upon her practice at a very low time in my life when I was really depressed and in need of help. I hadn't considered before that hypnotherapy might be able to help me, but I was so desperate I thought what the heck, I'll give it a shot.
During our first session, Emma explained to me how it works, and I think I just nodded along, not really understanding, nor believing that it would help.
After just one session I felt markedly different; just a bit better, and I was a bit like, wow, really?! After a few sessions I felt so completely different to how I had when I started, that I could only conclude that this really does work!
If you're sceptical, don't be, just try it. You will likely be surprised at how powerful this can be.

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